Life Update

“My mission is to live each day as an expression of loving God and humanity, and to treat each day as a gift and an opportunity to help make a small part of the world in which I live better”

That, my friends, is the mission statement for my life. A while back my friend Bill Stewart gave a talk encouraging all of us to create a mission statement for our lives. I did, and that is it.

I believe that I can work almost anywhere and make efforts to fulfill this mission statement. Including UPS, which I have tried to do each day.

We moved to the Rochester area about two-and-a-half years ago. We had a few hopes and ideas for what I would be doing and none of those really panned out. Understand this, and I’ve said this before, I’m not a “plan B” kind of guy. We each have this singular life that is made up of moments and each moment is given to us once only. Each moment is “plan A” for me. But, what am I supposed to do? UPS has been fun and challenging to be sure. But the peak holiday deliveries have dried up.

God bless Jeremy Kelly, lead pastor at Eastside Church! In October he brought me on as a part-time pastor of worship arts, a 25-year career that I ended when moving here. I did NOT realize how much I missed it! And yet, I am absolutely loving this part-time aspect to the job.

About a year-and-a-half ago Jen asked me, “Have you thought about teaching?” And I have off and on, not knowing what this would mean, what age group, what subject, etc.
Then over the course of the past four weeks things began to unfold, a haze began to lift and the oddest set of circumstances occurred. I first felt like this whole teaching thing might be a good fit for me at this time in my life. Then I realized that I wanted to teach elementary age students. Then I met with Kristen Nielsen (Enrollment Outreach Manager for Teacher Education at Roberts) and discovered that I was an excellent fit for their Pathway to Teaching program. I applied, and on February 4 I was accepted. I will be a student again for the next two years, along with spending many hours in classrooms throughout various districts in this area.

Strangely enough, today I was helping Nate at Hale auditorium for an orchestra concert at 10:00am, not knowing who it was for. It was for about 800 fourth graders. It was delightful!

So, at the age of 57+ (when I finish the program) I will BEGIN the career of teaching. There. I said it.



8 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. It’s a fun age… both ages. Driving Claire to school is energizing and fun. Have a great time pursuing this… and good job seeking God’s lead.

  2. Perry; your spirit is WAY younger than your years…Way to go! God will not waste a consecrated life. (Bertha Munro)

  3. Perry, when I think about who you are, I always think you’re a bright light…someone that is intentional with people and that loves others 🙂 It makes me so happy to hear how things are going for you and I’m excited to hear about your new adventures! You’ll be an amazing teacher!!! hugs! We miss you both!

  4. Having entered teaching as a third career for myself, I can honestly say it is a GREAT move, and especially for someone so dedicated to God, and so awesome and winsome and fun and effective as you. I have always been inspired by your life and work, from the day I first saw you play at Paz Naz. I am thoroughly excited for this new possibility and direction. Blessings on you, brother.

  5. You will rock the teaching career. This is awesome. Molding and making a difference in young lives is a fanytastic calling and I know that when all is said and done, there will be people who will look back on the elementary school education and proclaim that Mr. Moore was their favorite teacher and the teacher with the greatest influence in their lives. Congratulations.

  6. Perry by friend you are young at heart. God doesn’t call to something then drop us but follows us,leads us ,encourages us , loves us to the finish lines. Stay positive you’ll be a great asset to the kids school, staff and kids.

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