Thanks, Peter!

“Even if all fall away on account of you, I never will!” said Peter to Jesus with great resolve. The evening progressed, and…nice try but no cigar. Later on Jesus told Peter, “No sweat, mate. I love you and you’ll be pope…sort of.” (That was Perry-phrased of course.)

 I’d like to thank the boisterous lad for his propensity to leaping well before looking. Largely because that is the one trait of Peter I have been able to share with him, most likely the only trait. I’ve made bold proclamations for the sake of all that is good and right over the course of my fifty-plus years. Promises, pacts, pinky-swears, etc., broken. I’ve let more people down than I would ever care to admit. I’ve hurt people because they expected me to follow through on something to which I’d strongly committed that never happened.

“You said you’d be here and you weren’t!”

“You gave me your word!”

“You promised!”

It sort of sounds like I’m beating myself up right now, which might be the case. But reality bears that I’ve had all of those sentences, and more, said to me, to my face because I didn’t do what I said I was going to do. What to do, what to do.

Here’s what I’ll do. When Jesus comes to me and asks, “Do you love me?” like Peter, I’ll reply, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” This will happen over and over and my response will be the same and I’ll just keep showing up, learning to do what I say, learning not to say what I’ll never be able to do. I’ll get up every morning and keep trying and trying and trust that I’ll actually follow through on my very righteous promises. And I’ll be grateful for an incredibly gracious group of family and friends who are able to forgive again and again and again: Seventy times seven? Nope. Way more than that.

Thank you, Peter. You give people like me hope. However, thank God I’ll never be pope!


I traveled along my rut yet again today
I was comforted by the
familiar sights
familiar sounds
familiar tastes
familiar smells
familiar feel
and feelings
Why wouldn’t I?
This is trip number…I can’t remember
It is so very comfortable here
No chance of pain
except the usual ones I run into
every time I round a certain bend
and that other one
and that other one
But they are familiar and have
become old friends that I
probably shouldn’t be around
This is trip number…still nothing
Hmm, these walls are kind of high on either side
Let me see if I can climb one
and have a gander as to
what might be on the other side

this climbing is tiresome

not sure I should continue

oh no. too high to turn back now