National Women’s Day

I rolled out of bed this morning and was informed by the news that today is National Women’s Day. I pondered this off and on. Jen (my spouse) hopped out of bed about an hour later and began to get ready for work. Then I heard that some were encouraging women to not go to work or shop on this day. I heard this while saying goodbye to Jen as she left for her workplace.

At this point I felt very thankful that she was headed to a place that valued her immensely. Not always the case. Jen worked for an organization that will remain nameless at this time. She was in management for years. Then another management position opened in that organization because the person who was doing that job was failing miserably. That person was a man. Jen interviewed and was happily chosen for this position. She was more qualified than her predecessor, had more experience, more education, etc…then was offered about $15,000 less a year than he made.

Fast forward a couple of years. Jen needed to hire someone to fill a position that had been vacated. She sought after someone she knew would be good. The interview happened and he was offered the job. Human Resources told Jen the salary range, which was decent, and she was able to present a good offer. He then declined. She searched and found someone out of the blue who had become available. Equally qualified. The person, a woman, interviewed and was offered the job.

Human Resources then told Jen the salary range: $10,000 a year less than the man’s offer.

OK, this is an anecdotal piece of evidence. But I urge you to go ahead and look at the national statistics of pay for women vs. men for the same jobs.

It’s is the 21st century. Isn’t it time we pulled our heads out of wherever they might be and address this? All of us? Yes, all of us. That’s all I have for today.


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