Dark Reality

There is no one person I hate
I am the picture of love to be sure
The picture of arms engulfing another
Saying, “You are the best because I see you now!
In front of me! Right now!
Yes, you, a singular person
There directly in my gaze
My horse blinders work perfectly
Right now: You! You! You!
Just you
For you I am the picture of love!”

Then we part company
“Hugs and kisses! All my best! Write soon! Keep in touch!”
You wander over into your group…
Or, as I sometimes say under my breath: “Those people.”
Now I stand here befuddled
Wondering why my arms are at my sides
Why aren’t my arms engulfing?
They are certainly capable of engulfing
They engulf all the time
I call them The Engulfers
They just engulfed!

And, “Why did YOU go over THERE?”
My arms don’t seem to be big enough
To wrap around “those” people
“They” do things that are ALL wrong
Well, more different than what is right
My right

Why did you go over there?
Please come back and be like me!
My people have so much more to offer
Than those people you seem to be standing with


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